Business sector calls

on Government to pass climate law


Governments usually take the lead in sustainability measures, but this time it’s the other way round. Thirty-nine companies, including initiators Siemens, Van Oord, Eneco, Shell, and Rotterdam Port Authority, recently formed the Transition Coalition and are asking the next Dutch Government to draw up a climate law that realises the ‘Paris 2050’ climate targets.


The Transition Coalition is calling on the next Government to:

pass a climate law to realise the 2050 objectives in the Paris Climate Agreement, with concrete interim targets in 2030 and 2040

appoint a Minister for Economics, Climate and Energy who will be responsible for policy coherence

appoint an independent climate authority that links the parties and encourages them to act in a dynamic and consistent way and safeguards the continuity of the agreements that have been made

set up a national investment bank that facilitates investment in further innovation and major energy projects.



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